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Ari Stamatakos is a high school student and aspiring writer who's passionate about the sports he loves. An Avid Carlton, Melbourne Victory and Chelsea Fan, he currently writes for Carlton fan page can check him out on twitter @Ari_Y_Stama

Articles by Ari Stamatakos
Five Youngsters Who Could Take Euro 2020 By Storm
Let's dig a little deeper and shine a light on five young players at the Euros who could use the platform as a springboard to stardom.
Ari Stamatakos - 12 June
Why This Is The Most Unpredictable Euros Ever
While yes, we mightn’t see an upset as truly shocking and monumental as Denmark’s 1992 win or Greece’s 2004 triumph, or perhaps even matching the scale of England’s 2016 capitulation, Euro 2020 still promises to be an absolute devil of a tournament,
Ari Stamatakos - 11 June
Euro 2020: A Quartet Of Managers Under Intense Pressure
With fans itching for the return of international competition, the lights will be brighter than ever. Consequently, the pressure will be stronger than ever as well. Let's take a look at the four managers under the most pressure heading into Euro 2020
Ari Stamatakos - 11 June
Euro 2020: Each Major Contender's Most Crucial Player
These players possess the most standout individual talent, but they also need to be incorporated into a different system at international level. The ability to do so could mark the difference between a Euro crown, or going home in tears.
Ari Stamatakos - 10 June
Is England Finally Ready To Bring Football Home?
Having never won a single European Championship previously (nor even made a final) is this England's best chance to bring home its first major tournament since winning the 1966 World Cup?
Ari Stamatakos - 8 June
Contenders or Pretenders: What To Make Of Sydney’s First Half?
Now that the dust has settled after a pulsating first half of the season, we’ve got more clarity about just where these Swans are positioned, and whether we’re indeed dealing with contenders or pretenders.
Ari Stamatakos - 3 June
What Chelsea Can Teach Future European Champions
What were the key takeaways from Chelsea's stunning campaign, and just importantly, what are some of the major lessons to be learnt from other European clubs desperate to get their hands on club football’s most prestigious prize?
Ari Stamatakos - 2 June
Blueprint For Richmond's Destruction or Just a Red Herring?
The same calling card has been dropped off at all five of Richmond's losses this season. Are the Tigers more vulnerable than ever, or will they once again find a path to yet another premiership?
Ari Stamatakos - 26 May
Lion Revival: How Brisbane Saved Their 2021 Season
How have the Lions pivoted from a production lacking in direction and desire into one that's now full of purpose, direction and possibly even a premiership.
Ari Stamatakos - 20 May
Sadpies: How Collingwood's Season Has Turned Into A Nightmare
It actually wasn’t all that long ago when the Pies were one of the league’s most fearsome outfits. Where's it all gone wrong, and can their season be salvaged?
Ari Stamatakos - 21 April
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