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As far as Jason is concerned, there is no better time of year than March through June. An overlap of the NBA and NRL seasons offer up daily opportunities to find an edge and fund the ever-increasing number of sports streaming services he subscribes to. If there's an underdog worth taking in either code, he'll be on it.

Articles by Jason Oliver
Grit And Grind: How The Dragons Have Stunned The NRL
Anthony Griffin's signing to replace the much-maligned Paul McGregor was met with varying degrees of optimism and outrage. In hindsight, Griffin's the sort of coach the Dragons need right now.
Jason Oliver - 6 days ago
The Antidote: How these Three NRL Teams Can Revive their Season
Rather than picking apart the state of the game and going in circles, let's take a look at where it's all going wrong for the strugglers, and how they can get their season on track.
Jason Oliver - 8 April
NRL 2021: Stats Insider's Team Of The Month - March
The calendar is being flicked over from March to April, so it's time to check in with the first Stats Insider Team of the Month of the 2021 NRL season.
Jason Oliver - 30 March
NRL 2021: Sharpest and Sloppiest Goal Kickers after Round 2
Stats Insider's True Kicker Ratings are back for the 2021 NRL season, and while the sample size is small, there's still a host of notable points sticking out as we head into Round 3
Jason Oliver - 25 March
NRL | Something or Nothing: Some Things Remain The Same
Most good wins are met with uncertainty about repeating them the following week, while every loss can be explained away with rust and a slow start to the year. Still, some conversations are worth having as we navigate the early rounds.
Jason Oliver - 23 March
NRL | Something or Nothing: Round One Talking Points
It's all overreactions or blind optimism to start an NRL season, yet some conversations are worth having as we navigate the season's early rounds.
Jason Oliver - 16 March
NRL 2021: Where Does Your Team Need To Improve Defensively?
With the 2021 NRL season almost upon us and a look at where teams will score their tries already in the books, it's time to check the other side of the ball. The side that determines the premiership winner more often than not.
Jason Oliver - 8 March
NRL 2021 Predictions: Simulating Every Club's Premiership Chances
With only seven more sleeps until Round 1 kicks off, the Stats Insider Futures Model has simulated the NRL season 20,000 times to provide our projections. Let's take a look to see how the season may pan out.
Jason Oliver - 4 March
NRL 2021: Who has the Easiest/Hardest Start to the Season?
We hear the same thing every year, but early-season struggles make for a difficult 25-round campaign. Here, we rank the overall difficulty of each club's full draw from hardest to easiest with a specific look at the first five rounds of the 2021 NRL
Jason Oliver - 2 March
Left, Right or Centre: Where Will The NRL Teams Focus Their Attacks In 2021?
With only two more footy-free Thursday's left before Round 1 of the 2021 NRL season, it's time to recap the 2020 try location data and look at what is to come for all 16 teams.
Jason Oliver - 25 February
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