James Rosewarne

James is a writer and Managing Editor at Stats Insider. He likes fiction and music. He is a stingray attack survivor. 

Email- james@thehypometer.com for story ideas or opportunities.

Articles by James Rosewarne
Unmasking Melbourne’s Superhero Power
Is it a bird, is it plane? No, it’s Melbourne’s extreme durability which has electrified the club's best start to a season in 27 years.
James Rosewarne - 5 days ago
AFL Goalkicking Analysis: Early Season Stats And Trends
The Stats Insider Shot Charting tool has been shaking its tail feather through the first few weeks of season, plotting all that’s happening across the league, and helping AFL fans achieve an elevated understanding of the game.
James Rosewarne - 8 April
Three AFL Players Redefining Their Club's Expectations
While the 2021 season is still agonisingly young, these three players are making their clubs (and fans) think differently about their team’s trajectory both in 2021 and beyond.
James Rosewarne - 7 April
Survival Guide: Making Peace With Sydney’s Extraordinary Start
This blistering start to the season by the Sydney Swans would have perhaps been best accompanied by one of those viewer discretion warnings.
James Rosewarne - 6 April
Hello Darkness: Who's To Blame For Carlton's Horrible Start?
The Blues keep being stung by the same wasp, in the same place. Can they get their club back on track, or are Carlton headed for another bloody coup?
James Rosewarne - 1 April
Investigating The AFL's Early Season Stats And Trends
There’s neither a magic date nor perfect accumulation of numbers to begin untangling the early part of any Footy season. With that said, move aside robots because we’re jumping in to analyse some early season stats and trends for AFL 2021.
James Rosewarne - 30 March
Premiership Puzzle: Can The Dogs Find Their Missing Piece?
The Western Bulldogs entered season 2021 packaged similarly to the previous year’s edition, which glowed with optimism and hype but if the Doggies' problems aren’t solved soon, this has the makings of one massively missed opportunity.
James Rosewarne - 24 March
Something To Crow About: How Adelaide Caused The Shock Of The Round
Adelaide fielded the league's least experienced team against the AFL's veritable Methuselah, and pulled off one massive shock. Just how did they get it done?
James Rosewarne - 23 March
West Coast Eagles: The AFL's Most Complex Riddle
While an understandable air of mystery surrounds all 18 teams heading into the new season, it's the West Coast Eagles who shape as the league’s most confounding and divisive.
James Rosewarne - 17 March
AFL 2021 Schedule Difficulty: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
At Stats Insider, we’ve made fixture analysis a little easier, slicing and dicing a multitude of factors ranging from strength of opponent, rest and game location to deliver a more accurate assessment of just how difficult your club’s draw is.
James Rosewarne - 9 March
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